Sunday, October 23, 2016

Georgia early vote analysis - 10/23/16

I downloaded the Georgia early voting data fresh as of 10/22/16 and made a dashboard using Tableau Public (data scrubbed in Excel).

Some interest things popped out, like a lot of counties that are strongly Republican (over 70% Romney support in 2012), are about a third of the 2012 vote total already, compared to 16% overall for the state. Generally, the biggest bubbles (current vote vs 2012 vote total) are concentrated in North Georgia.

Strangely, Ben Hill, which was 42% Obama and 57% Romney, has reached 28% of its 2012 vote total. I wonder what's going on. It would be nice if I had the voter file to do person level analysis.

An interactive version of the picture is below.!/vizhome/2016EarlyVotingasof102216/Dashboard

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